Frequently Asked Questions

A Professional Coach is a trusted supporter who can help you identify and uncover what keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. It is a one-on-one relationship that provides a supportive and non-judgmental space to help you create what you want for yourself. A Coach can help you strategise and acquire the tools you need to achieve your goals. Of course, this same one-on-one professional relationship readily extends to small groups in the business and corporate environment.

Programs vary according to individual and corporate needs. For example, they can help you identify and re-frame your thoughts and attitudes, break negative habits, acquire new methods of goal achievement or take action to achieve your maximum potential!

People from all walks of life work with Professional Coaches to help attain their goals. Coaches work with people in all areas of their lives including relationships, career, finance, health and more.

Working with a Professional Coach is not limited to any type of person, but is best for those who want to take initiative in their own life. People who work with a Coach are committed to a more fulfilled life and are willing to do the work needed to get there.

Whether you are successful and just need to take on some new challenges to further improve your performance at work or your life on the personal front or need some help to face some tough challenges, a Coach can work with you to address those things that you want to improve.

Don’t know what to do but just know you want to be better at work or finally take on some new challenges or achieve some undefined goals in your personal life? A Coach can help you identify them and work towards where you want to be, no matter where that is.

Your business may be successful … or not. Or somewhere in between. Is it the best it can ever be? Create the best business you can and achieve more in the next 12 months than in any other comparable time period in your life.

A Life Coach can help you in a variety of areas. Professionally, a Life Coach can help you focus on your career, help you market yourself more effectively and perform at a higher level than you thought possible.

Personally, a Life Coach can help you improve your overall well-being, break through some barriers or finally pick up that guitar. Through life coaching, you can live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The results will vary depending on what brings you to a Coach. If you get a Life Coach to help you out professionally, coaching can help you make your current job more gratifying, gain better focus on managing your work, and market yourself more effectively. If your reasons are personal, you can find a Life Coach to help you improve your relationships, resolve ongoing negative behaviours, improve your overall health. With life coaching you can live a more balanced and enhanced life, and make your dreams come true.

What happens during a coaching session?
Each coaching session is different depending on your goals and needs. At first, we’ll discuss what you want to accomplish through working together, identify your goals and a put together a strategic plan for achieving them. Then we’ll lay out a plan on how to achieve your goals and overcome those roadblocks in your way. We’ll work together to discover what obstacles are in your way and figure out how to overcome them. With each session, we’ll touch base with your goals, review your progress, celebrate your achievements and work on your priorities.

Coaching is not therapy. The purpose of coaching is not treatment.

However, many people do complete coaching sessions feeling refreshed and energised; ready to take their next steps with enthusiasm and joy.

We are a professional service and are bound by the law. What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others. However, our discussions are not privileged for legal purposes. The privilege of confidentiality that exists for the clergy, therapists and attorneys is not granted to coaching professionals. That said, life coaching is a confidential process, and your personal information will always be protected.