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June 22, 2016
Financial Illiteracy – Improving What You’re About
May 31, 2017
  • Nine out of ten organisations use coaching by line managers
  • Two out of three organisations use external coaches
  • 84% regard coaching by line managers as “effective” or “very effective”
  • 92% judge coaching by external practitioners to be effective
  • 99% of HR practitioners believe coaching can deliver benefits to both individuals and organisations
  • 96% of HR practitioners believe coaching is an effective way to promote learning in organisations
  • 93% of HR practitioners believe coaching believe coaching and mentoring are key mechanisms for transferring learning from training courses back to the workplace
  • 92% of HR practitioners believe coaching believe when coaching is managed effectively it can have a positive impact on an organisations bottom line


coaching attributesUnless coaching is managed and designed effectively, the results may not measure up to expectations.

Manager – Coaching

– allows broader audience to receive coaching, but managers unlikely to have the same high level of skills as internal/external coaches

Internal Coaches

– a one-to-one developmental intervention supported by the organisation and provided by a colleague of those coached who is trusted to shape and deliver a program yeilding individual professional growth.

External or Executive Coaches

– this can include free agenda coaching, set agenda coaching, skills, performance and development coaching, and growth and development to support the development of internal coaching capacity and coaching culture.

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